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Marketplace Frustrations for Eye Care Services and Products By Dr. M Jafferji and Mohamed Pardhan


With a plethora of optometrists and opticians, both chain stores and independents, in the GTA (and outside), shopping for eye care and eyeglasses should be easy and fun. However, this is not the case and it is very frustrating.  Some of these frustrations include:


Not being able to trust your vision care provider is the biggest frustration people experience. This comes down to first the eye exam part and the subsequent recommendations for eyewear. In pursuit of sales goals and profits, considerations such as time spent on the actual exam, or whether extras were suggested that were not needed come to mind. As far as eyewear is concerned, were more expensive frames and lenses offered or did the patients actually need what was being suggested. In lieu of such concerns, patients want to be able to trust someone with their eyes, their vision, and of course their pockets. They want to rely on knowledgeable professionals that they trust to give them genuine advice with their best interests at heart and also who will not gouge them out of their hard earned money.


In today’s competitive business world, customer service is the key to the success of any business and a vision care provider is no exception. Customers want to know that they will be taken care of anytime, all the time. Customer service begins even before the customer has stepped into the business and continues long after a sale has been concluded. The entire customer experience must be guided with principles such as integrity, assistance and happiness for all involved.


People want to make their lives as convenient and as hassle free as possible. They want to be able to get genuine professional advice on eye health and shop for eyewear at the same time and place, with minimum delay and for maximum satisfaction. Time is a precious commodity and aspects such as free parking, immediate appointment slots and fast turnaround times on orders are very much valued.

We here at Urban Opticians understand these frustrations and address them the following way:

We understand that TRUST does not come easy, however we believe if you truly care, empathize and educate people, a trusting relationship can be built.  We set ourselves as THE most trusted advisors in the marketplace because of our unique team dynamics and experience:

  • First, we bring over 25 years of combined expertise in the fields of optometry and opticianry
  • Second, we closely collaborate with each other to give you the best possible vision because we understand the complexity surrounding it. See, when two professionals who share common values and work hand in hand towards a common goal, a more trusting and fulfilling client relationship is built
  • Third, we empower our clients with knowledge and with full price transparency so they can make their own informed decisions without high pressure sales tactics that we witness in our everyday lives

As far as CUSTOMERS SERVICE is concerned, we understand that people prefer to conduct business with other people that they trust and like, and not just a face of a company.  That’s why we call our business a H2H business, meaning a Human to Human business. This being said, respect and integrity are our core values when delivering service to our clients. We truly believe that we as individuals live for the benefit, we live for the advantage, the enrichment, the protection, and we live for interaction we create in the lives of our clients.  This really gives us a purpose in what we do for our clients which resonates with them.

Lastly, we give CONVENIENCE by positioning ourselves as a one stop optical shop that provides full value to our clients from outstanding customer service and experience to wide range of vision enhancing products with the full backing of an optometric office for all your eye health related concerns. Unlike any of our competitors we also give the convenience of communicating with us via text messaging 24/7 365. We also we offer speedy delivery on most single vision prescription eyeglasses and can also deliver it to you for no charge.

If you live in Thornhill, Vaughan, Richmond Hill or Concord and you are in the market for a new pair of EYES then be sure to come visit us and see for yourself how we deliver eye care, convenient shopping and an experience with professionals you can trust.  We look forward to serving you soon!