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Computer vision syndrome: How it can impact productivity and performance at workplace or while working from home. By Dr. M Jafferji

As a society we are also becoming increasingly connected to technology and are surrounded by the widespread use of internet-based applications and programs in our working and personal lives.

How important is shut eye? A case of a young boy! By Dr. M Jafferji

At Urban Opticians, our optometrists  take the time to counsel our patients that suffer from symptoms of CVS including asthenopia/tension headaches, eye strain, dry eyes and intermittent blurry vision.

Reality of Digital Eye Strain By Dr. M Jafferji

At Urban Opticians, our optometrists take the time to counsel patients suffering from digital eye strain.  We provide useful tips and materials to help form these good habits and combat this problem.

Marketplace Frustrations for Eye Care Services and Products By Dr. M Jafferji and Mohamed Pardhan

With a plethora of optometrists and opticians, both chain stores and independents, in the GTA (and outside), shopping for eye care and eyeglasses should be easy and fun. However, this is not the case and it is very frustrating.  Some of these frustrations include:

The Advent of Anti-Fatigue Lenses and its Off-Label Application in Golf By Dr. M Jafferji

When people lose this ability to see things up close, many will have to resort to reading glasses, bifocal or invisible bifocals i.e. progressives.

Rules and boundaries to screen use in children By Dr. M Jafferji

As a parent, you find yourself struggling with screen use with you kids? Well, don’t sweat it too much.

Snooker Glasses for presbyopes – An optician’s challenge. By Mohamed Pardhan

Presbyopes – generally the over 40s in age, who struggle with up close vision. They may have perfect distance vision or may be either near sighted or far sighted as well.

Face Masks and Foggy Glasses By Dr. M. Jafferji

How do I prevent my glasses from fogging when I wear a mask?

Here are some suggestions!

A Letter to our Neighbours! By Dr. M. Jafferji

As most of us are now aware, COVID-19 is severe respiratory disease caused by a highly contagious and novel coronavirus known as severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2).

Airline pilots and sunglasses By Mohamed Pardhan

Well, Tom Cruise looked great in his aviators in Top Gun, no ifs and buts about that. Just cool or do sunglasses really serve a purpose for pilots?

A New Revolutionary Thermal Pulsating Treatment For Dry Eye Disease. By Dr. M. Jafferji

Although dry eyes sounds rudimentary, it has significant impact on sufferers. It brings about lot of discomfort and pain to many individuals with this disease.

Myths Of Lasik Procedure By Dr. M. Jafferji

For individuals that are considering laser corrective procedures, here are some dispelled myths about LASIK.

Children’s eye exams and why are they important By Dr. M. Jafferji

In order to see and keep objects clear at all times and at all distances, a child’s focusing skills need to be accurate. Fortunately, focusing skills can easily be improved with eyeglasses and eye exercises.

10 Rules and Tips for Avid Screen Users By Dr. M. Jafferji

There is no denying that inevitably technology is carving a path where screen use is on an uptrend.  The future may be even more advanced with holography and virtual reality, but screens are here to stay. From computers to tablets to smartphones, screen use has become a practical necessity in...