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Articles by Urban Opticians

Computer vision syndrome: How it can impact productivity and performance at workplace or while working from home. By Dr. M Jafferji
How important is shut eye? A case of a young boy! By Dr. M Jafferji
Reality of Digital Eye Strain By Dr. M Jafferji
Marketplace Frustrations for Eye Care Services and Products By Dr. M Jafferji and Mohamed Pardhan
The Advent of Anti-Fatigue Lenses and its Off-Label Application in Golf By Dr. M Jafferji
Rules and boundaries to screen use in children By Dr. M Jafferji
Snooker Glasses for presbyopes – An optician’s challenge. By Mohamed Pardhan
Face Masks and Foggy Glasses By Dr. M. Jafferji
A Letter to our Neighbours! By Dr. M. Jafferji
Airline pilots and sunglasses By Mohamed Pardhan