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Computer Vision Syndrome

Computer vision syndrome 1170×659Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) is associated with symptoms that individuals suffer from because of prolonged digital screen use and the repetitive stress it can cause on the eyes, the head, back and/or the neck. CVS is a form of a repetitive stress disorder of the visual and musculoskeletal systems. The long hours sitting in one spot focusing up close at a radiation-emitting device can cause significant strain on the body. Similarly, the repetitive, back-and-forth movement of our eyes from a screen to a keyboard, and often to papers or books, or even between multiple screens, is taxing on the eyes.

The most common symptoms of CVS are tension type headaches called asthenopia (usually felt in the front of the head and near the eyebrows), eye strain, pressure pain, dry eyes, transient blurry vision, double vision, and strain on the back, neck or shoulder. There are also cases reported of CVS masquerading like a transient ischemic attack (TIA). Study by University of Alabama, College of Optometry has shown that CVS can also have a big impact on productivity and performance at work.

Although there is no single cure for CVS, modification in the ergonomics of the working environment, patient education and proper eye care are crucial in managing CVS. One of the effective, proven ways to manage it is also by disrupting the repetitive nature of the work.

Based on the recommendation of this research paper, Effectiveness of self instructional module on education on prevention of computer vision syndrome for computer professional by Alex, Krupa K and the teachings from a book by James Clear called Atomic Habits: Tiny Changes, Remarkable Results, we have created a unique Self-Instructional Module to help computer users prevent or cope with symptoms of CVS. This prevention module can also be useful for anyone that spends more than 5 hours a day in front of a digital device.

To claim this module simply book a $69 consultation with our optometrist and feel the difference…