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Dry Eye Products

Drop Features:

The synergistic action of both Trehalose and Hyaluronic Acid helps target different entries of the vicious circle and:

  1. Reduces inflammatory biomarkers in the tear film1
  2. Increases Goblet Cell density and reduces the epithelial metaplasia (29.8% increase in Goblet Cell density at 2 months)
  3. Significantly decreases ocular surface damage in dry eye patients1
  4. Can be used with all types of contact lenses

Ideal for Patients:

  1. All dry eye patients when symptoms arise
  2. People looking for lasting relief that protects the eye’s surface and soothes symptoms
  3. Day and nighttime use (particularity suited for day use in combination with Thealoz Duo Gel drops during the evening)
dry eye treatments

Dry Eye Assessments and Products

Dry eyes are a very common complaint among a variety of patients. Since there are many reasons a person can have symptoms of dry eyes, it is essential to determine the root cause or causes of dry eyes. Even though dry eyes can become diseased and do not have a cure, they can be managed successfully with the right plan.

If you have been experiencing dry eye symptoms such as burning, itching, gritty sensation, watery eyes, light sensitivity, eye strain and intermittent visual blur for some time and are looking for long-term relief, then do come and see our optometrist for an evaluation. Dry eye assessments are not covered under OHIP plans; however, vision care benefits or health flex accounts can be used.

I-RELIEF Hot & Cold Therapy Eye Mask with ThermaBeads can help patients manage their dry eye condition from the mildest of symptoms to more serious conditions, such as MGD or Blepharitis. This product is available for pick-up or delivery. Contact-us for more information.

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Viscoadaptive Artificial Tears e1585140719469

I-DROP® viscoadaptive artificial tears are premium eye drops that effectively and quickly help to relieve dry eye symptoms. I-DROP® combines the advantages of the cohesive physical properties of the viscoelastic hyaluronan inactive ingredient, and the dispersive physical properties of a low molecular weight glycerin lubricant. This product is available for pick-up or delivery. Contact-us for more information.

Meibomian gland disease is a result of a blockage or some other abnormality of the Meibomian glands in the eyelid. When these glands don’t secrete enough oil onto the surface of the eye, the tears evaporate too quickly, causing dry eyes. MGD is a leading cause of dry eye syndrome and can often contribute to blepharitis, an inflammation of the eyelid. Contact-us for more information.

Ocular Hygiene Wipes